Thursday, 24 February 2011

Business Philosophy, Internet Traffic and Search Engines

                                                            Business Philosophy
The purpose of affiliate marketing is that through the promotion of outside copanies' products. an affiliate gets paid. In a pay-per-sale setting like outs, every time a surfer comes from your site to ours and buyers a product, we give you a monetary kickback. In a way, you're an Internet  broker. 2 major features go into affiliate marketing and they can be broken down in to a simple equation : Internet Traffic + Product Promotion = A Paycheck for you.

                                                            Internet Traffic
The first part of the equation, Internet traffic, is possibly the most fought over and hardest part of affiliate marketing. It is best summarized as the quest to get those elusive surfers to your site. Traffic is the foundation of e-commerce and no website is successful without it. There are two fundamental ways people can find you online. The first and most popular is through a search engine.

                                                            Search Engines
When most consumers go online to find a product or service, they use a search engine. popular search engines include Google, Yahoo, and Msn to name a few, Generally, the consumer will go one, maybe two pages deep in their search for a website they'd like to visit. Logically, the better your rank in a search engine, the more consumers that will come to your site. Because surfers won't go 10 pages deep in a search engine's results, site ranking is very competitive.

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