Thursday, 24 February 2011

PPC Campaigns - Product Promotion The Easy Way And Website Development

                                      PPC Campaigns - Product Promotion The Easy Way
MN recently introduced "HUB Technology". This enables our affiliates to link their PPC ad or website link to one of our feeder sites and get credit for sales made through it. A feeder site is nothing more that a HUGE informative site. Within these sites, the surfer can look around, gather information and check out our reviews. The benefit of this new system is that instead of having to build your own informative site, we've done it for you!

This system is now available to you to use in any way you wish. If you are using a PPC campaign, you can plug your affiliate code and special link directly in to the PPC ad's URL. Surfers will click on your ad, go to our feeder site, move on to our product site, make their purchase and you will always get credit. you can also use our feeder sites as supplements to your own site. Add a link or menu option on your site and link it to our feeder. Our site will do all of the work for you by educating your surfer on our HUGE range of products. You'll get credit on any product they buy.

                                                      Website Development
There's no arguing it, there's a lot that goes into developing a quality website. Hundreds if not thousands of books have been written on the topic. Here, in "do's and Don'ts" format, we'll give you a few of the most important features your website should incorporate.

1. What is your mission? Every company as one and so should you. It doesn't have to be complex, just figure out what you want to accomplish through your site. If you want to promote clear Pores with an information site, your mission could be something like this-

2. Just like writing a paper in college, map out what you want to do first. Get a good idea of the layout of the site, where buttons and images will be located, and how you're going to organize your information. Once you have an idea of this on paper, move onto doing the html.

3. Make information easy to get to and organized logically for your surfer. One word-usability. Nothing is more frustrating than being on a website and not knowing where to go.

4. Check out other product websites, including your competition, and see what they are doing well. The best places for website ideas are other websites.

5. Spend time on your text. Anyone who is interested in your website and wants to use it as a source of information will read your text. Make sure you spell check, grammar check, and use your words to your advantage. The text is what will sell your surfers on trusting you and using the products you recommend.

6. Post your site on the MN forum and let other take a look at it you'll get some great advice on what you could do better.

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