Thursday, 24 February 2011

Product Promotion, And Matching, And The Informative Site

                                                           Product Promotion
So once you have the surfer in your site, What do you do with them? Your task is to get them to want to click on the links to our sites. Different affiliate programs have different ideas an how to do this. A lot of it depends on the products or services that they offer. With our sites and products, There we've found a few ways to be very successful.

                                                         Product Matching
A big part of affiliate marketing is matching the products you promote to the site you run. If you cando this well, you'll convert.

                                                         The Informative Site
The second and more successful way to market a product is to build your website around it. An example of this a review site. This kind website is devoted to giving the surfer as much information as it can. It gives information about the different types of products available and then reviews the different products that are out there. It will useually pick one of the products (the product with the best website - OURS!) to be its number one pick. Surfers will come to your site, become educated on the subject and move on through your link to buy a product. This type of site is successful for a few different reasons.

1. People like to shop around. This site gives them the opportunity to shop around without ever having to leave.

2. Information builds trust. The more information you have in your site, the more the surfer will perceive your site as an authority. Trust = conversions

3. Penis enlargement, for example, is possible. However a lot of people don't believe it. Yet, they are still perusing your site in the hopes that it is. The more informative your site is, the more likely you'll convince them that they can enlarge their penis. This will lead to more sales.

4. If you slap an enlargement banner ad on a website that has no relation to penis enlargement at all, the majority of your click-trough's will come from surfers satisfying their curiosty, not because they are genuinely interested, The informative site mitigates this and ensures only quality surfers get through.
An informative site can be built for ANY product out there. It may take a little more time than throwing a banner up on your site, but your effort will be amply rewarded.

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