Thursday, 24 February 2011

Don'ts And You're Ready To GO GO Go!

1. Do not use too many colors. The more colors you use, the more amateur your website looks. Amateur = No conversions.

2. Do not use too many fonts, Same reason as above.

3. Do not make a website that is one looooooooooooong page. Again, amateur.

4. Do not have HUGE blocks of text. Break up your text with key points. Use headers, bulleted points, etc. for the major statements you don't want your readers to miss. Surfers will skim trough looking for your main points and will be more likely to read your text if you spice it up and make it look interesting. Besides that, breaking up your text makes your site look better.

See the Formatting Articles Guide for detailed descriptions

                              You're Ready To GO GO GO!
Alright, now you've got the basics. There's a lot to know about this business and always something new to learn. It's a dynamic marketplace and those who survive, learn to roll with the punches. Learning, changing and adapting are the keys to making it. If you're trying something and it's not working for you.stop. get some advice and try something else. if you have an idea you're not sure will work or have a question, post it in the form. The exchange of ideas is what leads to great advances and innovations. Now, go my children and use your knowledge to better your life and those around you!