Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Psychological Sell, Identify Your Audience And Identify Your Audience's Problem And Exploit It.

                                                   The Psychological Sell
The following tips are meant to help you sell your surfers on the products you are reviewing. The more you pro-sell them before the get to a product site, the higher your conversions will be.
                                               1) Identify Your Audience
Ask yourself who are they? Most importantly, why are they at your site? What are their fears and what are they hoping to accomplish?

The answers to these questions will enable you to write your site's text with your specific audience in mind. The more your text speaks to them, the more likely they are to buy.

                                               2) Identify Your Audience's problem and exploit it
It may sound bad, but you want to foster a feeling of insecurity in your surfers. You must include a section on the problem your surfer's are their to fix and it's hazards. Highlight what happens if the problem goes untreated and its detrimental affects. Convince you surfer that it is imperative that they fix this problem.

                                               3) Assure Them That Their Problem Is Treatable
Fairly self-explanatory, but let them know there is help on the way.

                                       4) Include As Much Info As You Can Get Your Hands On
The more in depth you go, the more the surfer will trust you as an authority and get lost in your site's information.

                                 5) Include Specific Information About Each Product You Review
Again, gains trust.

                                       6) Build Their Confidence
Once you have selected a product as your # 1 pick, include information about it's guarantee, the company's reputation, etc. Shout from the rooftops why this is the best product out there. A word of caution - do not bad-mouth any product. It's negative, amateur and unprofessional. Read "website Development" for more website tips....

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